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I'm 36 yrs old, I live in London and I work as a software developer for a small Finance company.

Like many peeps in Source (it seems) I happen to like beer too (and wine). In fact pretty much anything alcoholic! Quite often I have a few drinks, then indulge in what I like to call bear-poking (attacking much stronger players and losing badly, but sometimes pulling off an amazing win). At times like this I also waste far too many stones on rubbish stuff that makes me look pretty but really has no useful purpose. Or try to upgrade stuff and end up with it back down go normal+1. In fact, this is my favourite trick, lol.

I'm totally addicted to bloodwars, but as well as developing my character and progessing up the ranking, I like to help my friends on expos, in sieges, lending items for building upgrades, etc. It's the social aspect of the game that really hooked me, and if I was playing alone with just a few beasts for company, I would have left ages ago.

Probably the most important thing I have learned along the way is to play a political game. Making friends and allies along the way will make the game much more enjoyable, as they can help you out in times of need and offer their help and protection, and the opposite too of course.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, I always talk too much...

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