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How to write in color, italic or underline and other codes in your profile

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color codes:

To write Color codes is pretty simple.

Here is an example:

now you're thinking, "How does he turn that red?"

Well, all you do is this:
[ color=red ]Hello[ / color ]
Type that without spaces between words/letters and brackets.
And you can type in any color you'd like, e.g. "lightblue, lightred, purple, green" and so on and so on.


Italic Text

To write in Italic text, is pretty much like color codes but abit more simplyfied.
[ i ] Your text here [/ i ]
( Again without spaces )


Underline text

To write in Underline text, is pretty much like Italic text, with just a letter change.
[ u ] Your text here [/ u ]
( Yet again without spaces )


Bold Text

Same as with Underline and Italic text.

[ b ] Your text here [ / b ]

To make a your profile seem more cool, you can merge these codes and make:
underlined color words
Italic underlindes words
or even
Italic underlined color words

And how do that?

[ i ][ u ][ color=red ]Italic underlined color words[ / color ][/ u ][/ i ]

[ i ][ u ] Italic underlindes words[ / u ][ / i ]

[ u ][ color=cyan ]underlined color words[ / color ][ / u ]

( Funny thing here... no spaces between brackets and letters lol! )

Adjust size of text

To adjust the size of your text simply type:

[ size=17 ] Your text here [ / size ]

You can adjust the size by changing "17" with any other 1 or 2 digit number, up to 24.

Most sites don't support any character size higher than "24"

Twisted Evil

You can also change the Font of your text by typing:
[ font=Comic Sans Ms ]Your text here [ / font ]

You can use all kinds of Fonts that you know of.
e.g. Arial, times new roman, courier new, etc etc

Hope this was of some help to you. Very Happy

~ Impetus

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hope you´re not waving into my direction with this one lol...

although i have to ask if the boards default colours can be changed somehow, as i think grey on white/dark blue on dark blue is not well readable Very Happy

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Black Dragon
Black Dragon
Colour scheme of the board - I don't like the quote boxes - light blue on white - really hard to read.

Impetus - Can you change the board settings at all?

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I'm currently looking into this matter as we speak, there seems to be a problem with the Quote boxes also... they are white....

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How's this layout ? Smile

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Black Dragon
Black Dragon
Well done that moderator - much more readable... er, useable... er, good. Very Happy

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